Sex offender arrested 169 times?

How many times do we have to discuss this topic before something is done? Sex offenders are sick individuals, they should be locked up and separated from the general population.

Riddle me this, how does Gian Verdelli, a 61 year old man get arrested 168 prior to this last 169th time?  How was he still walking the streets, riding the trains, and committing sex crimes?  Can someone please, please, please explain this to me.

168 TIMES. 168 TIMES. 168 TIMES. 168 TIMES.

168 arrests, mostly for sex crimes. Gian was arrested by undercovers in Jersey for groping a woman twice on the path train.  He is being called a serial groper.

There is something seriously wrong in our society when a man can commit 168 sex crimes and still walk around the street. Meanwhile people are locked up doing hard time for much lesser, b.s crimes. Come on now, let’s fix this!

Please help me track this man’s story and let’s find out if he ends up in the street again. He’s currently being held without bail. For the full story take a look on CBS New York.

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