Sharia Law alert: Brunei goes down for the count!

The Sultan of Brunei, a very rich man has had a spiritual experience of sorts. He has decided that Brunei will now be under the strict rule of Sharia law. I have always believed that a person is free to practice whatever religion they want, but I take issue with a government forcing any religion on you. It sounds to me like the people of Brunei don’t have much of a choice on this matter. Perhaps it is now time to relocate? May 1st brings phase 1 of the “must have” Sharia law, with further implementations to come. Ultimately leading to barbaric extremes such as death by stoning once they completely implement the law. (I bet libs will get a kick out of this one, considering the botched lethal injection recently.)

You know; I have always maintained that evil doers should be punished harshly for their crimes. For instance, a rapist, should never be able to rape again. You can make of that statement what you will, and I’ll probably agree with you. However, if someone misses a day of prayer, I don’t think that justifies a flogging or a beating. What if a woman is raped? Under Sharia law, will she then be blamed for her own rape and stoned to death? According to my reading, the government has worked to protect women, but will that change once Sharia comes into play? It seems like a step back for women’s rights, and human rights overall. Do they even have a choice? Do they care? 70% of the Brunei population seem to support the move, while the remainder “quietly” oppose and fear it.

Are we in the U.S. headed the same path? We may think that this is impossible in a place like the U.S., but look at what’s been happening throughout the world. In the UK, many Subway restaurants stopped using pork in order to appease the Muslim population. In the U.S., alleged Muslim Brotherhood front groups lobby, and use the typical liberal methods of name calling, law suits, and guilt trips in attempts to influence the masses. I am no expert in this arena, as such I cannot go into great detail on the topic. However, reading about what implementing Sharia in Brunei entails, I’m very comfortable in saying that I don’t ever want to see that remotely implemented here in America.

Mind you, I bear no ill will towards Muslims. Don’t even attempt to call me an Islamaphobe, or to claim that I hate anyone for that matter. I have good friends who are Muslims, who don’t hate America, who don’t want to enforce Sharia law. I’ve even prayed with them. I am no Islamaphobe, my concern is towards extremists, the ones that wish to spread their beliefs and law throughout the entire globe. I don’t want to interfere in your life, all I ask is that you do not impose your beliefs on mine. Live your life, and let us live ours.

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