Sharia Law Marriage recognized in the UK

In a landmark ruling, a British court actually recognized sharia law for the first time. A judge ruled that the wife of a man who was married in an Islamic ceremony could actually make claim on her husband’s assets under UK law. The man obviously tried to say that since it was under Sharia, it wasn’t valid and she had no claim to his assets. Oops. You just got “got” son. Pay that woman!

Here’s the thing man, you can’t say that Sharia law applies when you are married, then when you are trying to get divorced, “it’s not really a legal marriage because it was under Sharia law.” It is or it isn’t, and you can’t choose based on what benefits you.

That being said, this could set a risky precedent as some elements of Sharia Law are not particularly compatible with Western Society. The UK better exercise extreme caution going forward with matters like this one.