Shaun King on officer’s death

Meet Tom Latanowich. Last night he shot and killed a cop that I am told was one of the good guys.

Most cops are killed by white men. I’ve studied it and written about it. This man has been arrested nearly 100 times in his life.

Yet, even after killing a beloved cop, he was arrested, not shot and killed.

It proves many things. It proves that even when white men are not just armed and dangerous, but have actually shot and killed cops, other officers find a way to arrest them without shooting and killing them. Yet Stephon Clark is dead.

Racism is the primary driving force behind who gets taken in peacefully and who gets shot and killed.

I gotta call out Shaun King on this. Look, we know how it goes. It’s really fucked up, and we definitely should point it out. However, though you do mention him briefly, I fear that you lose sight of the actual victim in this scenario. “One of the good ones” as you called him.

What’s his name? Did he have a family? And so on. I know all the retorts that people will give me for this line of questioning. You are the voice for the ones who don’t have a voice, etc. I know man, I’m not an enemy of yours, I’m with you. What I’m saying is that maybe while trying to call the cops out on letting this piece of human excrement live or be free to have done this in the first place, maybe you could have told us the officer’s actual name or something? His death is the tragedy here. I’m just saying man…

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