She lied about being raped by a cop

Sherita Dixon-Cole is a damn liar. A. Damn. Freaking. Liar. Jail her!

Question folks, we are living in troubled times right now. We are living in a world where men have abused women for years, and now, they are finally being exposed, tried, and punished for their heinous crimes. We live in a world where young black men are murdered by police for using a cell phone or walking in the wrong neighborhood. We live in a world where people think it is okay to call someone a n*gger, or mistreat people because they are sp*cs and speak spanish. We are living in a jacked up world.

Sherita knows this, she knows that we are trying to change this world, and she took advantage of that. She knows that we are tired of women being abused by men, and she knows that we are tired of police abusing people of color, and she took advantage of that. She lied about being raped, she lied about a police officer, she lied to us, she took advantage of us.

Her lie is wrong on so many levels, and it hurts everyone and everything we are fighting for. Women already have a hard time proving when they are sexually abused, and men have a hard time proving when they are innocent. Then someone like Sherita reaches out to a high profile writer like Shaun King, the thing goes viral, everyone including me was pissed off at this cop, then out comes the video, and she lied. She lied and took advantage of us. This hurts our women, and it hurts men. Way to make it harder for real victims to get help, Sherita, way to go you lying sack of crap.

It is my belief that if a woman lies about being raped, that she should be charged with a crime and do some jail time. I’m not saying that she should spend a decade in prison, but at my angriest, I believe she should serve any time that the man would serve. She should suffer any professional damage that he would suffer, and finally, she should be held financially liable for the irreparable damage she may have done. Rape allegations are no joke, we hate rapists, and lying about that is so wrong!

I’ve read of men who have spent decades in prison, only later to be exonerated when the woman admitted she lied. Decades. I don’t know how we can let someone do this and just say “I’m sorry” with nothing further happening. No, she should be punished and jailed for this lie.

Am I right? Sound off in the comments section!

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