Silent on the Zimmerman verdict?

Yes, believe it or not, I have done my best to remain silent about the Zimmerman verdict tonight. I have read countless posts, one after the other declaring how angry they are at the system. I’ve read threats on Zimmerman’s life, I’ve seen pictures of people holding guns with the caption of “We are coming for you”.  I’ve seen comparisons being made to the woman who is getting 20 years for firing a warning shot, never mind that those are two completely different scenarios that have absolutely nothing in common. I’ve ignored nearly every single one of these posts in hopes of keeping my wall peaceful. Choosing to let these folks vent while staying the hell away from it.

There is a lot of pain, understandably so. A young man is dead and there’s no turning back. There’s no way around that, he’s gone, and it’s a damn shame. I feel for the Martin family and I hope they will find peace.

On an unrelated yet related note, let me say that I find it hilariously funny when people I never actually met, that SENT ME friend requests, unfriend me on facebook or unfollow me on twitter because they don’t agree with one of my political or social views. Way to be an adult!

As I mentioned, I have remained silent on this topic. The only thing I did post tonight that is remotely related to the GZ and TM case is a question I put up about all the killings of young black men in Chicago, by other young black men! I asked the question: “Where is the outrage over those killings, those young lives that were lost?” I guess some people didn’t like being faced with that reality. Most people don’t like to be called out on their hypocrisy.

I find it terribly odd, so many people are saying that “they can’t sleep tonight because of the thought of a young black man being killed”. Well what happened over the July 4th weekend? 10 people were killed in Chicago. A baby was shot and a 7 year old was killed by some guy! Over 50 or so others were injured as well. But I think you slept just fine then. Can you see my point here about hypocrisy? Either you are against young people being killed or not, you can’t pick and choose which ones upset you. That’s ridiculous.

Now am I somehow being offensive? I don’t think that is offensive, I’m just pointing out a fact, the fact that the reason many are angry is not so much because a young man died, but because of racial divide. Let’s be real, when we kill each other it’s ok, it’s just the way of the hood. I don’t see Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton coming out to condemn the violence. They never came out to my block when I was growing up in the South Bronx. We had a bunch of gangs, and I had several of my homies shot and or killed in the hood by one of our own. Not once did I ever see a politician, any reverend, a march, nothing. Absolutely nothing. To this day, inner city youths are constantly killing each other, but where’s the outrage?

So to those that have unfollowed me, if you can’t take that simple question, based on simple, true, hard facts, then you definitely can’t handle some of my harder views! You did well to get the stepping from my wall! Here’s a life tip for you though, sometimes people won’t agree with you.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth.

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Angel Rodriguez
6 years ago

I ache for him and his family. As a father, it tears me up inside. Regardless of what I’ve written and said, I wish the young man was alive. When this first happened, I hoped he would live, my heart sank when I found out that he passed.

Patrick Bonilla
6 years ago
Patrick Bonilla
6 years ago

he died well before anyone even knew. He was shot in the heart. But I agree with you that it is a tragic situation.

Angel Rodriguez
6 years ago

Yeah. I mean as I read the story, I was hoping that I’d read he survived.

6 years ago

RT : Silent on the Zimmerman verdict? #gz #tm #zimmerman #trial #verdict #sanford #florida #court #justice …

Thuy Yau
6 years ago

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6 years ago

Silent on the Zimmerman verdict?

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