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I’m not going to spend too much time on this one, I’m simply going to get the to the point. I ordered a hamburger, some mashed potatoes and a milk shake. The order was placed through seamless web as I’m working rather late today.  They delivered it relatively quickly which is a huge plus. This is a very good thing considering that I had placed an order with the Subway at 111 Broadway nearly 2.5 hours earlier that never arrived, they never answered the phone, nothing. Good job Subway, eat fresh. Dingbats.

So the burger was bland, the bread was soggy and soaked in juices, very disappointing. I ate it, I mean it didn’t taste rotten and I am very hungry as I continue to work this evening, but not good at all. The mashed potatoes taste like nothing, literally nothing. The only thing that remotely has any flavor is the milk shake, its not great,but man you really, really have to suck to mess up a milk shake.  That’s all the time they get.
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