Does size really matter?

In an era of one night stands, casual hook-ups, cyber-sex, and d*ck pics, the question is now more prevalent than ever… How important is penis size?

We’ve all been there ladies, you meet a guy who courts you properly and makes you feel generally happy within the first week of dating so you decide to take the next step… and then it happens, much to your chagrin you find that your newly appointed partner has more in common with a field mouse than you’d like. Now what? Do you leave him, stay and try to stick it out through thick and *ahem…thin, or text all of your girlfriends for an emergency brunch meeting to discuss the matter?

Just how important is the size of your boyfriend’s penis to you? I’m here to answer the question, but alas I am only one woman with one opinion (although some might argue that my personal experience in the subject would qualify me as a top expert). So I hit the streets and asked around to find out the general consensus on this burning question.

Most of the women I spoke with claim that it’s “not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean” that matters, stating that in many instances the man with the larger penis is more likely to be a lazy lover and let the woman do all the work. WAIT…WHAT?! Even after we’ve cooked your dinner and done the dishes?! Oh, hell no, I’m already missing my favorite tv show for this…you better put in some work. The other theory here is that a man with a smaller member is going to compensate for his short comings with romance, lots of foreplay, and neat tricks in bed.

Then you have your ‘size queens’, a group of people that claim size is everything.” Just because you move your tampon around a bit doesn’t mean you’re getting any pleasure”, says one woman I spoke with…harsh but true? There are arguments to each side, if it’s small it can’t hit the right spots or satisfy you the way you want, if it’s too big then you can’t try a lot of different positions and anal sex is definitely out of the question for most in that department. Seems to me like the only guys who are winning here are the ones with average sized penises, nothing special actually means you’ll probably be getting a little extra special attention down there from your partner.

Here’s what I concluded, it’s relative, all penises come in different shapes and sizes just like all vaginas do so the trick here is just finding the one that fits you. You know what else I found upon extensive hours of research? Men are way more obsessed with the importance of penis size than women are. Seriously guys, as long as we’re getting off then we just don’t care if you’re an inch smaller than the rest of your buds, and if we do…well…that’s what they make toys for.

Get out there, get frisky, and be confident, because no matter what size you are there’s NOTHING bigger and sexier than confidence.

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez


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