Opinion: Sniper Shoot Police Officers In Dallas

Just earlier today I pleaded with our law enforcement officers to please, please, please help put a stop to the killing. I pleaded that they please help and ensure that those who break the law are punished, even if they share the same uniform.

We saw an impassioned video of a police officer, and how disgusted she was at what she saw, how she understood the anger within the black community. As a black woman, with black children and nephews, she broke the blue wall of silence. We need to see more of that, but even more, we need you good cops to take a stand and take down the bad cops.

I asked in my previous post, how much more do we expect that the black community will take before they retaliate against the people who are so mercilessly killing them? Now, this is not to say that every cop is bad, we’ve been through this, but if you are not part of the solution, and you remain silent, then are you a part of it?

I have best friends, cousins, and others who are in law enforcement. I don’t hate our law enforcement, but this insanity has to stop. I said it before, how much more before the community begins to retaliate?

This is what we saw in Dallas, Texas this evening. Snipers. Snipers! One or more persons, perched up on a high vantage point, taking out at least 3 officers, and injuring many others. Do you think that foot patrolmen are prepared to deal with a sniper? I don’t think so, and more importantly, should they be dealing with it?

All this is avoidable, but for too long members of the black community have been slaughtered while the justice systems says “not guilty.” I said it earlier, it’s only a matter of time, and it will only get worse before it gets better. Those cops who were killed could have been the good guys, but there is no telling who’s good and who’s bad.

I don’t condone the killing of anyone like this, but we must be blind if we didn’t see this coming. I already saw some posts on Facebook saying that this is what President Obama was waiting for, in order to implement martial law, and infinitely extend his presidency.

Fools that they are, this has nothing to do with President Obama, and everything to do with the fact that day after day, blacks are being killed by the police. I’m not anti police, but I’ve said it, if things don’t change, the people will fight back. Can you blame them? Are blacks and other minorities simply supposed to accept the constant killing? Eventually, the victims will grow tired and fight back.

I would have never expected a sniper attack, I’m rather shocked by this. It’s rather odd, because minorities generally ain’t snipers. Kind of suspect. However, to think that there would never be consequences to all this killing, is to be willfully blind. I truly hope we can resolve without more death.

Of course, as of this point, we have no idea who took this action against the police officers. One can make assumptions, and my article was written under certain assumptions, but I could be entirely wrong, as could all of you. This could this have been a terrorist attack designed to provoke further division between law enforcement and everyday Americans, specifically people of color. This could have also been some white dude looking to stoke the flames of a racial war? Everything is speculation, and thus far we have no facts. So let’s not react just yet. Let’s see what facts come out.

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