Sore Nipples From Exercise

sore nipple

For the past 6 months or so, I have been consistently back in the gym. As I am currently unemployed in the traditional sense, my focus has been primarily on finding a job, and my health. From my old days of training mixed martial arts, I still have quite a few rash guards. I have been regularly wearing them during long runs, and long cardio sessions. Be it on the elliptical cross trainer, step class, kickboxing, etc.

One day I decided to just wear a regular shirt without the rash guard underneath. I did my scheduled weight lifting session, followed by my abs, and then my hour long cardio block on the elliptical. That evening when I jumped into my hot bath to soak, the water made my nipples sting. It really burned so I checked them out. It appeared to me that the skin was “rubbed off” from the friction of training. I know from general knowledge that this is something runners often experience, but painful nipples from the elliptical? Geez!

I wondered why this happened on this specific day after so many months of training with no issues? My chosen wardrobe choices didn’t click right away, but sometime later I realized that I always wore a rash guard when I did a long cardio session. That’s when I knew that even prolonged elliptical use can hurt your nipples in the worst of ways.

So, my advice to you folks, if you value your nipples, pick up a couple of underarmour, or whatever brand you like, fitted rash guard shirts. They fit snug against your body, and protect you from the chafing. In fact, I also wear those as underwear when I train. This protects your legs, butt, and private parts from the same fate as my nipples experienced!

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