Southern Hospitality BBQ

It had been quite a while since I saw my two ladies, Mama Bear and my little sister. So I asked them to join me for brunch in the city. We decided to hit up a BBQ spot that we’d never been to before, Southern Hospitality BBQ.

I have to tell you guys, right off the bat, this place was absolutely amazing. I mean, everything was really, really good! My mom, sis, and I were all blown away by how good the food was.

By the way, I just found out that Justin Timberlake owns part of this restaurant. I had no idea, and I’ve seen some negative reviews about it, and I’m shocked about that. I don’t know if he owns this one on 9th ave, and the one on second ave, or if they are the same owners, etc, but the one is hell’s kitchen is the one I’m speaking on.

These wings were regular BBQ flavor, but they still had a bit of a kick to them. They were pretty damn good, but not my favorite item we ate.

These are fried avocado cuts. Now, when my sister first mentioned this, I thought it was sacrilegious to fry up some avocados. This sounded disgusting to me, and she was gonna get something else, but when I asked, “Do you really want them,” she said “Yeah, I kind of do” so we got them. I’ll tell you, I’m glad we did, and I’m glad I tried them out. This right here is some really good stuff! I was shocked that it tasted so good! If you come here, try these out! You must.

Mac and cheese with chicken. My sister and I both looked at each other and said “OH MY GOD” after trying this. It was her main dish, and she was all like “don’t take all my damn top cheese” as I scooped some out. People, this mac and cheese was off the hook!

My main dish was pulled chicken, and that came with some beans and a piece of corn bread. I think in terms of flavor, this may have been the best chicken I’ve ever had in my life. It was another moment when my sister and I both said, “OH MY GOD.” It was no surprise that both my mom’s and sister’s forks continually made their way to my plate.

Finally we have a happy mama bear having some baby back ribs. In her words, “they are so soft and tender,” and she was right, this was really good. The beans were sweet and tasted really good too. The cornbread was “aight,” and I gave mom half of mine as she seemed to really love it. I was okay with it, but it didn’t floor me like the other food. Ain’t nobody even look at or touch that cole slaw, just saying.

I had a lemonade that was really good too. The service was okay. Someone checked up on occasion, but I had to ask for water refills as it wasn’t really monitored. But once I asked, it showed up right away. The decor I think is meant to emulate the south, and it works out quite nicely. This place was really good, and for the 3 of us, with 2 appetizers, a few drinks, and 3 proper meals, the tab came up to about $150 total. It’s not cheap, but not terrible for 3 heads, and the food was totally worth it. I’ll DEFINITELY come back to this place with my wife and friends in the future. One of my favorites places thus far!

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