Sperm donor hit for child support in Kansas? WTF?

What.. The…. Fack???

So this man answered an online ad requesting a sperm donation for a lesbian couple. He signed some legal documents that gave up all his parental rights, and so on. However they didn’t go through some special clinic or doctor so the state is trying to collect money from him for child support, past and future.


Here is what happened, due to financial hardships the biological mother applied for government benefits, but now Kansas has decided that this man should pay child support for the 3 year old girl. Apparently that clinic/doctor usage is some technicality that wasn’t followed and due to this the “donation” was not sanctioned properly by the state.

Donating sperm, at least from my point of view is no simple matter. Personally I could not do it at all. I was once asked by a good friend to donate my sperm so that she can have a baby.  After the initial joke about how the sperm would get inside of her (my asking ‘are we gonna bang’), I refused, it’s not some simple trivial matter to me.  Knowing that there is someone out there, someone that is my child, carrying my genetic code, a child that may have my eyes, my smile, and to never meet or know them? That’s just too heavy for me and I couldn’t live with that. That’s my view though, this man was apparently ok with it.

I cannot begin to tell you how ridiculous I find this situation. What precedent does it set for potential sperm donors? If I was unwilling to give sperm before, imagine how unwilling I am after learning about this story? Note that the woman in question is not the one chasing him for this money, this is the state and the lady supports him in his fight against them. She doesn’t feel he owes her anything, but since the state is paying out, they feel he owes them some dinero.

What do you think? Because he didn’t use a “certified doctor” or whatever, should he be forced to pay child support?  Personally I feel bad for the little girl and I hope that she is being properly shielded from this ridiculous circus show!

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7 years ago

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