Splendid Vacation Spots In Australia

Years ago I had the distinct pleasure to visit the great down under. I spent about a month in Australia. I traveled to Melbourne, Sydney, and the Whitsunday Islands with an old friend. I found the country to be very warm and welcoming. Following is a guest post from one of our guest contributors, along with random pictures from my Aussie vacation embedded.


Australia is known as a sentimental nation. The Land of Oz is considered a top spot for honeymoon vacationers who want to spend some quality together. Australia’s timeless atmosphere has led many to choose this locale as their top choice for sentimental occasions. With many wonderful tourists spots, and loads of excursions that you can take part of, you will never run out of things to do there. You can take a plunge in their unblemished waters, visit the outback, or just take a stroll on the Whitsunday shorelines as you unwind and are hypnotized by the extraordinary beauty.


Australia provides many options for foodies too. There are many highly acclaimed bistros and restaurants in a great variety of cuisines. But in addition to food, there are dozens of tourist attractions such as the Ayers Rock, prominently known as Uluru and the acclaimed “Great Barrier Reef”.


In addition to its natural beauty, Australia also boasts amazing man historical points of interest, for example, the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge just to name a few. There are also several events that if you happen to be around for, are sure to please. One of them is the Blue Mountains Fine Food Festival, a well-known event where you can partake of delicious foods and wine.


To sum things up, taking a trip to Australia is really worth the time and money. If you are considering an Australian sentimental get-away, then make sure you secure an Australian ETA Visa which will serve as your international ID to move around whilst in Australia.


This is a guest post written by Amelia Verona. Edited and with a foreword from Angel Rodriguez.

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