State Rep Robert Fisher and rape comments

I keep seeing calls that this sicko should resign, but we should just get rid of this disgusting man. Let’s talk about State Rep Robert Fisher rape comments.

Mind you, I’m not sure if he can just be fired, or has to be impeached, or whatever, but that jerk needs to go.

Of course, instead of owning that he’s a piece of crap, this guy tries a few common techniques at recovery. All as pathetic as his opinion about our queens.

Some people fancy themselves quite capable in the wordsmith game. Robert Fisher is one of them. Let’s examine and dissect two of his recent statements.

Rep. Fisher admits saying ‘some injudicious things’ about women.

This is the typical use of big words to try and mask the truth of what was said. “Injudicious” makes it appear as though it was a temporary slip of tongue, however, when you create an entire reddit forum geared towards the bashing of women, I think that goes beyond injudicious.

Of course rape is a horrible crime,” Fisher said. “That was an out-of-context quote from a nearly decade-old debate about the failings of moral relativism. This kind of journalistic malpractice does a disservice not only to me, but to the women and men who are victimized, by perpetuating a false notion that the government doesn’t care what happens to them. This discourages them from coming forward, which emboldens perpetrators to harm others.

Let’s try an attempt to make it a context thing. “Hey man, it’s not my fault you misunderstood what I meant, that’s on you.” Continuing along this path, next comes the attempt to shift the blame, it’s your fault for twisting this, and you do real victims of rape a disservice. You make them scared to come forward, and you embolden rapists. Finally, instead of taking ownership, he tries to make it about government, “You are saying that Government doesn’t care.” No, you jerk, they/we are not saying government doesn’t care, we are speaking specifically about you. This isn’t about government, it’s about a specific man, and that man is you. You said those things, and you do not speak for all government.

Nice try at covering your backside you piece of trash, but no dice, we ain’t buying what you are selling. Get the hell out!

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