Stealthing a deadly new sexual trend

Apparently, there is a new thing happening these days called “stealthing.” Today was the first time I heard of this, and understandably it immediately pissed me off.

Let me tell you what stealthing is. It’s when a dude starts to have sexual relations with a partner while wearing a condom, then during the act, he “stealthily” takes it off and continues having sex. There are some folks who are in the process of trying to create statutes to specifically address this as a type of rape. I wholeheartedly support this, and I’d take it a step further. I’d treat this as attempted murder.

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Think about it, if the person having sex with you has a deadly STI, and they “stealth” you while having sex, that’s straight up an assault on your life. If they don’t have a disease, but tried it anyway, simply for attempting it, I’d classify it as assault with a deadly weapon. These things are no joke, and they should be treated accordingly. These idiots think they are being funny, or cute, well let’s see how they like being stealthed by Big Bubba in prison!

Never mind the fact that the person you are stealthing could have a disease. You are highly irresponsible, but if you endanger YOUR life, that’s your problem, and if you die because of it, I will shed no tears. However, when you endanger someone else’s life, that’s when it is a crime.

I haven’t even gotten into the area of unwanted pregnancy, and the stress that this will cause, and the whole other can of worms it opens up. What if she must have the child and abortion is not an option? Are you prepared to be a dad now?

This act, “stealthing,” and all its proponents are jerks, and they should be treated as rapists and attempted murderers. If we as a society start to punish them accordingly, I think that the message will be clear.

Assault centers don’t even know how to classify it, but it is a form of assault. In my opinion, treat it as assault with a deadly weapon. That will teach those damn idiots. Also, it goes without saying that they should be added to the sex offender registry as well. We need to punish anyone who does this, and punish them severely. The dangers are so many that this infuriates me!

What are your thoughts on this?

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Angel Rodriguez
3 years ago

Severe, extreme punishment. Obviously they don’t care about their safety, and that’s okay. However, when they endanger others, therein lies the problem.

Lock them up.
Add them to the sex offender registry.
Make them pay some heavy fines to the victim.
If pregnancy occurs, obviously take child support payments, with immediately jail time if non-compliant.

I’d jack them up some bad that anyone thinking about this would think twice.

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