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Today one of my buddies treated me, the wife, and my son to some pizza. We were originally headed over to Lazaro’s, but they were closed today. Bummer. So we debated where to go, and someone suggested Chipotle. I was all like, “Yo, I didn’t need to come out to the city to eat chipotle! I could get that in Queens! No chipotle!” LOL.

Anyway, after some going back and forth we decided to try this spot. Here it goes in a nutshell! First of all I didn’t even know this place existed, when they said “Let’s go eat at Macys,” I was concerned. However, once we arrived here, my concerns were put to rest. The place is super spacious, bright, clean, and the staff is cordial and very friendly right from the entrance!

Once we were seated and went through the normal processes, we were provided with 2 pieces of bread, each. I’m sure that if we wanted more we could ask for it, but these guys don’t put bread on your table, the waiter actually hands you the two pieces. I opted for the sesame bread, and as far as simple bread goes, this was good. I mean, it’s bread, how do you screw up bread?

As our main meals, most of us went with the pizza, but my wife had a gluten free pasta dish. I tried her dish and it was really good. I forget the name, but just tell them the gluten free pasta dish, it was yummy. I had asked my waiter what they were known for, and he said the pizza was a favorite, so I opted for the traditional margarita pizza. It is a personal sized pie, relatively clean as far as pizza goes. It wasn’t greasy or overly heavy.

The one thing that I didn’t like is that towards the centers of the pie, it was watery. I’m assuming that this is water “instead” of oil. Though this wasn’t a deal breaker, it did make the center of the pizza quite soggy. However, that aside, this was pretty good pizza. The bread was good, the sauce tasted fresh, and the cheese was delicious and light.

Do I recommend this place, well, overall I’d say yes. Next time I think I may try a pasta dish, they mentioned this seafood platter that caught my attention.

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