Steve Harvey Blows Miss Universe Host Job

I’m a Steve Harvey fan, so we are not going to go on an anti-Steve Harvey tirade on this site. I think that he is funny, entertaining, and he has a very successful show. However, on this night, he done messed up real bad!

Initially, I was looking at this thing from only one point of view, and that was the point of view that Miss Colombia may have had for being shafted. My initial thought was only about her heartbreak in having received the crown, only to have it snatched away.

I mean, when you lose, you lose. You accept it and walk away. However, to be told you WON, then told it was a mistake and that you in fact lost, that can really do a number on your emotions. Steve done messed up tonight!

Here’s the thing though, I hadn’t thought about how this mistake stole the spotlight from Miss Philippines, and I hadn’t thought how this will actually make Miss Colombia more famous.

After a long conversation on blab, which you can watch below, or by clicking here, I realized that he actually helped Miss Colombia, while hurting Miss Philippines. If you think about it, had things gone as they should have, no one would know of, or be speaking of Miss Colombia. However, she is the hottest topic of the interwebz tonight.

That in turn means that attention is being taken away from Miss Philippines. I hadn’t thought of it that way at first. I was initially thinking of the hurt that Miss Colombia would feel. Yet, after this talk, I realized that they were right, Steve Harvey has inadvertently thrusted Miss Colombia into stardom, while simultaneously taking the shine away from Miss Philippines.

We all know it was a mistake, and we ain’t hating on Steve. But for the ladies sake, please, next time, READ THE CARD CORRECTLY!

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth.

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