Steve Martin Tweet Sparks Outrage

So Steve Martin put out this tweet, and some people took major offense to it. Personally, I am certain that he didn’t mean any offense by it, and he was trying to pay a compliment. However, you know the world we live in, complimenting someone can be perceived as a nice thing, or depending on who you ask, it is an unwelcome harassment.

As a friendly person, I’m no stranger to smiling, and saying hello to people. This is especially true when I make eye contact with someone. A few days ago I put out a tweet that said the following:

I’m not saying that you have to nod back, or say hello back, but I am saying that being cordial is not necessarily a bad thing. In NYC, these streets, staring at people can get you a “What the f*ck are you looking at?” But, instead of giving that greeting, I smile, nod or say hello. Yet, even that could be misconstrued as offensive.

Ask me if I am surprised about the response Martin received regarding the tweet, and I’ll say no, I am not surprised. People are free to react how they like, and everyone has their own viewpoints. But, I find it kind of troubling that saying someone is “the most beautiful creature I have ever seen,” is seen as a horrible thing to say.

In a world where others are saying, “She is a junkie, and she gets what she deserves.” While others produce a list of people who they’d also like to see die. In that world, paying a simple compliment isn’t such a terrible thing in my opinion. You don’t have to like it, or agree with me, but like yours, this is my opinion.

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