Stop-N-Go Chicken (Kew Gardens)

This is a business from Long Island City that recently opened up a spot here in Kew Gardens. The location used to house a Columbian restaurant and they recently renovated the space and now it is a stop-n-go chicken.  I always passed by this place and never payed much attention to it. So yesterday I was getting food for me and the lady, but my wife didn’t want pizza from La Rondine and opted for chicken, so we decided to give this new place a try.

Well, it’s not a gourmet place, there is nothing special about this. The chicken was pretty good, but the rice was “ok”. There was nothing at all special about the dish that jumped out at me. You get a little combo, it comes with chicken, a salad on the side, and some form of rice.  I chose the spinach and the chicken rice for me and my wife to try a little of both. I also ordered a corn on the cob and the 2 salads with balsamic vinegar. You also get a bbq sauce that tasted pretty good.

It’s ok if you just want something quick, but it really doesn’t hit the spot or anything like that. Odds are that I’ll really have to be craving chicken to go back here, I just don’t eat this type of food too often. It really felt like fast food, but at least unlike McDonald’s, this was the real animal meat. I think!

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