Why Are We Stuck With Hillary And Trump

Our choices for President are absolutely horrendous. Is this the best that the United States of America has to offer our people?

Hillary Clinton, an untrustworthy, conniving, rich, big money establishment candidate.

hillary clinton

Donald Trump, a divisive, loud mouth, xenophobic, racist, big money establishment candidate.


Why is this it? I feel sick to my stomach over this. I don’t want Hillary to win, so simply to stick it to her, there is a part of me that feels I should vote for Trump. Hillary Clinton does not deserve to go down in our history books, forever immortalized, as the first ever female president of the United States. She is dishonest, fake, and playing all of you for fools. Hillary en espanol, give me a freaking break!

Trump on the other hand, has awakened and empowered the terrible, racist underbelly of the United States. Voting for him, and giving him the presidency would be like validating all of the insane garbage he has said, as well as raising up his terrible, racist supporters. Mind you, I know that you are not all evil racist trash, but quite a good many of his supporters are, and we can’t have them feeling powerful. Enabling them, or validating them is a very dangerous thing.

So what is a voter supposed to do? The lesser of two evils? They are both evil and troublesome in their own ways. Look at what the DNC did to Bernie Sanders, sabotaging their own guy! That is disgusting. Either way, we are screwed, but who will be the worst? Up until this point, I said that I’d back Hillary Clinton, because at least she pretends to care. But after all the recent events, it’s becoming harder and harder to stomach that thought. So Trump? No, I can’t do that either, so what the hell am I supposed to do when all we have is trash?

It is hard to discern:

Is Trump the Republican nominee in order to guarantee Clinton is elected?

Or is Clinton the Democratic nominee in order to guarantee Trump is elected?



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