Subway Tip: Don’t get locked out of the train, yo!

She was standing next to me on the F train, across the platform D train appeared. She looks at the D and considers whether or not to go for it. She runs across the platform and gets to the D train just as the doors close. Oh crap, now she looks at the F train, she tries to run back into the F train! She now gets back to the F train as the doors on this one too!


As I stand inside the train watching this charade of silliness, I can’t help but think of how stupid she looks and how dumb she must be feeling stranded on the platform watching both her train options pull away.


Don’t be that person! She shakes her head and I read her lips as she says damn! Look, if the F train takes you where you are going, why change? If you have to change, and you have the option to switch at a station where it is easier, then do so. If you have no choice but to get off and switch, then this would not be an issue as you would not be running back and forth. Pick a train, commit, and stick to it. If you are indecisive and improvise like this, odds are you will end up in the same place as this woman. Sitting on a platform watching us leave!


Oh, and don’t get me started on those idiots that start running at the 74th street train stop with no idea whether or not there is a train there. I WALK, and as I arrive at the platform I look at the buffoons pouring sweat and completely winded, WAITING FOR THE TRAIN! In a rush to get nowhere fast!

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