I was supposed to fight this guy in a no holds barred MMA fight

Back in my mixed martial arts competition days, I had scheduled several matches. Sekou MauMau was to be my second opponent back in around 2008 or so. I remember having studied one his fights, and preparing for our match. Based on the fight we saw him in, I was advised to come in for either a quick knockout, or to go to the ground and submit him.

Sekou was a large, and very intimidating specimen. So when I arrived for our fight, I was very nervous. I was confident that I had prepared, and trained to the best of my ability. I was ready to give my all, but I was still very nervous. Like I said before, the boy was big, and he looked really mean!

I was scheduled to fight midway through the show, and the guy hadn’t shown up. The promoters told me not to worry, that he was running late, but he’d be there. If you remember, my last fight, I had my opponent switched out, and proceeded to get my ass kicked by a guy who was way above my level. I smelled something fishy in the air, and I wasn’t having that crap again.


In any case, the guy didn’t show up. They said he decided not to fight due to some reason or other. I was still waiting, warming up in the makeshift training room when they informed me of this. They came to me and said, “He’s a no show, but there are a lot of fighters out there for you to compete against.” I shook my head, nope, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I asked my coaches what they thought, and they concurred with me based off of the last experience. So the fight never happened. I got dressed, and hung out as a reporter, taking notes, and blogging about the event.

I felt disappointed as I had trained hard for this specific opponent, but at the same time I felt relieved. I wanted to get the fight over with, one way or the other. Win, lose or draw! I guess it was over by “the other.” I’ll never forget the anticipation though, it was pretty wild and nerve wrecking! Vale Tudo, aka No holds barred fighting is an intense sport. I’ll never forget that period of my life.

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