Surveillance footage of Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon hitting woman

Every time that someone, whether male or female, makes a statement like, “That woman should really keep her hands to herself,” people go ape crap.

Today, I saw a woman make a statement along those lines, and she was verbally assaulted in a pretty aggressive manner by both men and women who believe that a man should never put his hands on a female. However, just as many men and women supported her by saying that “she did in fact bring it on herself.”

There is no doubt that this man OD’d with that hook shot to the face, that was definitely overkill. Mind you, that’s not to say that I am okay with, or support him hitting her in anyway. This post is not about my opinion on that matter.

It has to be said that both men and women need to realize that not everyone follows your particular protocol when it comes to violence. Some men will get into a fist fight with another dude simply for a look that he doesn’t like. Where I grew up, people were killed for walking down the wrong block, or looking at someone for a 1/2 second too long. Just the same, there are some men who will absolutely not hesitate to hit a woman if she hits him. The mindset is simple, if you are “man” enough to hit him, you are “man” enough to get hit back. Also, there is the concept of self defense.

I’ve encountered many situations, and have even stepped up to help the woman. One time, you won’t believe this, the woman turned on me for trying to help defend her against a full on assault by a man. “Don’t hurt him you jerk, mind your own business.” Another time, a woman aggressively bumped a man, and pushed his young child on the subway. She screamed at him to “get the freak out of her way!” This man calmly looked at her, I could see the devil in his eyes, and he simply said, “Touch my child again, and I will kill you.” She calmed down at that point, and became very, very quiet. The look in his eyes, it was horrifying, and I’m thinking that she believed his threat. I believed him.

What’s the point of this post? It is to say, that whether male or female, you never know who you are encountering in the streets. So keep it cool, and keep your damn hands to yourself, if you don’t, be prepared for whatever comes.

Here is a video that shows the surveillance, as well as some thoughts on how he is being punished, while the woman who initiated the assault gets away scott free.

Question, if you start a fight, you are weaker, and you lose, does that mean you get away with it? Or does this only apply if its a white person who loses?

I mean, some people argued that Trayvon Martin assaulted George Zimmerman, and then he was shot. By the aforementioned logic, Zimmerman should be punished, but he had the complexion for the protection, right? Even though he isn’t fully white, he walked based on the law.

In this case below, self defense need not apply. Should he have hooked her so hard? Well, should he be able to defend himself when assaulted? Is there a level of force that would make a difference?

She’s trying to win a civil lawsuit against the guy, I hope she doesn’t get one penny from him. Keep your hands to yourself!

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