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How to survive a home invasion, the pussified way.


How to survive a home invasion, the pussified way.

So if you watched the Rossen Report, you probably saw their segment on home invasions. Here are a few examples provided by a 22 year hostage negotiator with the NYPD on how New Yorkers can survive a home invasion:

  1. Bring up your car keys to the bedroom, then press the “alarm button.” Because alarms are expensive. Though personally, the reason I have an alarm is for it to wake me up.
  2. Use wasp repellent. I think this is actually illegal. The bottles say “for intended use only.” This may get your butt locked up.
  3. Sleep with all the bedroom doors open. So you can get your family together, and get out. Yes, he wants you to run away, from your own home.
  4. If they get the one up on you? Treat them like royalty. Don’t lie to them. Give them everything they want. Yes. The victim mentality runs strong in NYC.
  5. Even the 99 cent cheapy alarms help. Noise are the best deterrent for home invaders. I agree with this. However, should that fail, I favor another type of noise.

What do you think my advice would be for surviving a home invasion? I’ll give you a hint, it doesn’t involve you getting murdered, raped, or beaten to a pulp. However, I cannot guarantee the safety of the individual who is trying to harm you and your loved ones. Ladies and gentlemen, did you notice how utterly absent from this “survival guide” guns were? Not a single mention of a firearm was made, not even in passing.

I have to believe that the detective was censored on this one, right detective? You seriously are not pushing bug spray as a form of self defense, while ommitting a freaking handgun, or a shotgun? Please, please tell me they censored you, then I’ll still be able to respect you as a law man.



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