• Gary Brown

    This makes me angry…..

    • I’m trying to keep myself clear of emotion. As a former liberal, I relied on my emotions far too often, and have been hasty in the past. So I suppress my desire to see each and everyone of those men on that hill disintegrated by napalm, I suppress my desire to beat the crap out of this alleged traitor, and I wait for the facts to come out. It’s not easy, but I’m trying.

  • Lilu Kanine

    “I saw the shot and I took it” ~Top Gun (Or Obama leaving Congress out of the loop.)

  • Debra Call

    Boy 5 big bad TERRORIST for 1 alleged trator what’s wrong with this picture? How many solders were lost looking for this man? How many families lost sons daughters, mommies and daddies? This is so sad there is something bigger going on with this picture! I hope if he is a trator then he’s treated like a trator and who’s going to pay for the lose of the solders lost looking for this trator? I hope this all comes out and everyone get the TRUTH not some BS LIE that our government is good at doing!! God Bless the lost solders and their families and Thank You to all the SOLDERS for their services!!! Thank God for the good men and women defending out country and they defend our PRESIDENT and GOVERNMENT PEOPLE and they don’t even truly care about those solders!! I’m done rambling! GOD BLESS