The Tapout shirt


As I walked through the locker room at Equinox, some guy comes over to me and says, “I could never understand why people that don’t fight in mixed martial arts or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu wear those Tapout shirts. I mean I get that you are a fan and love the sport. However, doesn’t wearing that shirt make you feel kind of like a wannabe?”


I looked at this goofy looking buffoon, flapping his mouth while wearing his fancy gym clothes that still looked as new as the day they may have been purchased. There wasn’t a drop of sweat on his body, and I wanted to slap him in the mouth for thinking that he could talk the caca to me. I motioned for him to walk with me. I took out my phone, and I pulled up my fight that is on YouTube.

The guy’s jaw dropped, “Holy crap man. That’s you. You got your ass whooped.” I looked at him and said, “We don’t always win, but what separates the men from the boys, is having the guts to try.” I was a bit annoyed now, so I asked him, “Weren’t you taught about making assumptions growing up?” He then noticed my dog tags and my Air Force jacket. “I guess that those would be earned too?” I flashed my military ID, he nodded and said “Ok. You are the real deal man. Good stuff.” Then he walked away.


What a douche huh? However, this guy needed to be showed up. So I did the honors. Lesson?

First, mind your own damn business.

Second, don’t make assumptions.

angel andrew

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  • Dan Nichols

    People like that are really annoying. I don’t know where they get that pretentious attitude, but they need to lose it.

    • Word man. People flapping off at the mouth without knowing a damn thing about you.