Taya Kyle at NRA Leadership Convention.

I can’t imagine the hurt that Taya and her family must feel due to the loss of Chris Kyle. Watching his story during the introduction was heartbreaking, I deeply hurt for them. For those that don’t know Chris Kyle was a Navy Seal and known as America’s most successful sniper. Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield were killed by a fellow veteran they were trying to help with PTSD recovery. The shooting happened at a gun range on February 2, 2013. Though Kyle filled up Cowboys stadium during a memorial and had a funeral procession that stretched over 200 miles long, there are individuals out there that do not recognize or acknowledge the value and contributions that this man made to our country.

One of those individuals is President Obama, who has not once honored this man or released a statement for his contributions to our country. A Navy Seal, and a war hero and he doesn’t receive any honors from our President. It’s not that Chris asked for recognition, but I’d say that he is much more deserving than Jason Collins and his coming out of the closet charade. Rest in peace my brother.