Teasing Me At The Gym!

There I was, in the middle of an intense cardio session. Being the male that I am, I took notice of her and her very tight pants. She looked good, and I noticed, I’m sorry. Sue me.

In any case, her cardio session was over, so she got off the machine. She then walked over to the mirror, looked directly at me, and proceeded to bend over slowly. All the while as she leaned forward, arched her back, and stuck out her butt she was looking me dead in the eyes.

I couldn’t believe how blatantly obvious this tease was, she was turning me on, but at the same time I actually let out a laugh! She saw me smiling and she smiled back at me. She knew exactly what she was doing.

She continued to stretch, and the subsequent stretches were not as  “tempting.” After she was done, she glanced in my direction once again, and gave me those bedroom eyes that they sometimes give us men.

These things seldom happened to me when I was a single man, but now that I am married and I cannot partake of that which she is seemingly offering, well, there it is!

That’s life for you!

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Angel Rodriguez

Angel covers fitness, social issues, reviews, news & more! He's a veteran, tech and fitness pro which has been featured on Huffpo, NatGeo, NPR, NY1, HLN, Men's Fitness, MTV, & other major platforms. Angel is also Brazilian Jiujitsu White belt.
Angel Rodriguez

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