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Let’s take a moment to have a quick tech chat before I go to sleep. Recently I told you guys about an awesome application called “bufferapp“. This is a great tool for scheduling posts even when you are not on the computer. You can still share great content while you are at the gym or at the beach! The free version of bufferapp has some limitations, for instance you can only add 3 accounts, and you can only schedule like 8 or so posts, don’t quote me on the exact number, but they cut you off after a few posts. Fair enough, they want you to go to the paid version, and it is a great product, and I was about to purchase the paid one. Then it occurred to me, I pay for too much stuff, let’s look and see what the competition has to offer.

This is how I rediscovered hootsuite. I’ve used the product before, it does a lot more than just scheduling. I used to use the app for monitoring and interacting on my social media accounts from one place. Though I do like it, I still find that using the native apps and websites are still better for me. Maybe that will change in the future, I mean there was a time I used to argue that I thought scheduling posts was very impersonal and not cool. Look at me now. Yeah. So I never say never.

hootsuite queue

So I tried out the hootsuite scheduling tool, so far I am very happy with it. It supports 5 accounts with the free version and I have yet to hit a limit on the number of scheduled posts I can queue up. I’m sure it exists, but I haven’t hit it yet. The application does have a paid version, if you want more than 5 accounts, and some of the cooler more advance tools like “calendar view” for your queue. Pretty neat stuff.

So from the desktop I have moved on from bufferapp to hootsuite, but on the mobile I will continue to use bufferapp if I ever want to schedule anything. Bufferapp is super simple for scheduling posts from the mobile. I downloaded hootsuite and couldn’t immediately find the scheduling piece on the mobile app so I moved on right away. Do you schedule your posts online? If so what apps do you use?

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  1. Great read! I’ve been a former user of hoot and some other scheduling tools but can’t find the right fit that I need. I just tried a new service – Socialdraft and so far so good. You definitely need to check that out and maybe give a quick review as well.

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