Teen slashes 13 year old’s throat for his faith

I’ve said that religion can be a good thing. It take drug addicts and other potentially evil people and gives them something to believe in. It’s a tool that helps them find the right path. It takes good people and gives them a purpose, a reason to help others and so on. That’s when religion is good.

However, there is a flip side to that coin. And that comes in the form of extremism. This animal, Corey Johnson is a perfect example of that. He slashed the throat of a 13 year old friend,┬áJovanni Brand. He did this while the young man slept and when the other folks in the house arrived to investigate Brand’s painful moaning, Corey cut them as well. Thankfully, he didn’t get to kill anyone else. He did this allegedly because one of the kids at the sleepover made fun of his Muslim faith among other reasons.

Corey is being detained at a juvenile facility for what he has done. Now my question to you is why don’t we simply kill this motherfucker? He slashed someone’s throat as they slept, there is no rehab or coming back from that.

Some argue that juvenile offenders should not get life in prison, he’s 17. But would you be okay with this kid coming back to the street if he slashed your child’s throat in their sleep? This dude needs to be ended and ended now. No second chances here. I don’t care if he is mentally ill, I don’t care that he felt offended because someone may have made a joke about Islam. This guy murdered a kid in their sleep. He needs to be put to death over that. Death is the only option that guarantees he never walks among free people again. I’ll repeat it for those of you who will attack me over my view, he slashed a kid’s throat in their sleep. Would you forgive him if he slashed your child’s throat as they innocently slept?

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Angel Rodriguez

Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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