Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Review

I’m confused about this film. As I understand it, they are making some good money at the box office. However, word of mouth, and some of the reviews that I’ve read have been pretty brutal. Truth be told, but I never allow reviews to be the sole method in determining whether or not something is good. So, at my son’s persistent requests, we went and watched the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Well, we both enjoyed the film. We enjoyed it a lot actually. The film had a good balance of humor, drama, action, plot twists, and emotional scenes. We got to see the turtles appear almost invincible while fighting the Foot Clan, and then completely hopeless when facing Shredder.

According to my son’s analysis, the film took quite a few liberties with the story. However, that is not surprising at all. It’s all too common when watching movies these days. Remember when watching that disaster of a film, “Queen of the damned?” Those guys took liberties that have to this day solidified the film as one of the worst I have ever seen. I love Aaliyah as much as the next guy, but this film was the worst. On the other hand, this new version of TMNT was a great film. Taking liberties and all, we still agree on that.

Watching this film reminds me of an old friend that I had in Junior High School. He was a rather weird individual. Back when this cartoon first came out, he swore to me and my friends that he lived like the Ninja turtles. He insisted that he lived in the sewers for a few months. He also swore that his mom was a witch. Oh, and he constantly threatened us with getting shot by one of his mafia uncles.

I’m far too kind to crush a young man’s dream, and the Lord knows that he did smell like someone who lived in the sewers. So I never called bull crap on his stories. I was neutral and didn’t judge him too harshly based on his outlandish stories. I was one of the only guys who didn’t disrespect him.

He was a crazy white boy, growing up in the hood, I guess he had to make friends by any means necessary. I wonder whatever happened to that guy. We sort of lost touch after high school started.

In any case, don’t let the bad reviews fool you. The film is quite entertaining, and well worth the time to watch it. Check it out.

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