Teenager charged with manslaughter for defending his mother

As it stands, Luis Moux, 18 years of age, and a “good kid” has been charged with manslaughter in the choking death of a man who was beating his mother up.

You know, the only reason this kid is being charged is because this is NYC. If this were Florida, or Texas, anyone with half of a damn brain would know that the kid did what he had to do to protect his mother.

The news reports that the victim had 26 prior arrests, 2 of them for domestic violence against the same woman. So, how long do you think this has been going on? What would you do if you saw a man beating up your mom?

All of us, you, me, and everyone else would do the same exact thing and protect our mother. In fact, my mother was being screamed at one time, and the guy made an aggressive gesture towards her, if memory serves me correctly, I pushed him against a wall, held him, and may or may not have put a box cutter to his neck. Needless to say, this guy never threatened Mama Bear again.

Remember the story of Mamadou Diallo, where the man was let off after murdering a guy who tried to rape his wife? I think that this case should set a precedent about self defense in NYC. I hate, hate, hate the fact that we have to worry about the well being of someone who is trying to rape, murder, or beat us or our loved ones because the laws here are set to protect the bad guys.

There was no questioning, no debate, the kid is simply charged with manslaughter. This leaves a terribly bad taste in my mouth, because officers with much less reason and or justification are never charged with anything in this damn city. How many criminals get away with greater crimes, including intentional murder, and this kid gets the book thrown at him for defending life? Why doesn’t the same “doubt” apply in this case? A case where the kid was clearly protecting his mother?

I really hope that he is let off. I ask you again, if you saw a man punching and beating your mom, would you dial 911, or act to stop it? I don’t think he set out to kill the man, at least I hope he didn’t, but in a fight, sometimes people get hurt, sometimes they die. Perhaps he should of thought about that before starting to beat the crap out of someone’s mother.

I hope you get off Luis, we are rooting for you.

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