The hypocrisy of the two political parties

I am not a registered Democrat, nor am I a Republican. I stand as an independent. Why you ask? Because of the hypocrisy of the two political parties!

Every time something major happens in this country, my Twitter and Facebook timelines are flooded with propaganda from both the left and the right. Each one vying for space in my brain, and hoping to be the one that convinces me of their views. They see the same exact thing, and then twist it to fit their own preconceived notions and perspectives.

Here’s the thing though, I see right through all of your bullshit. Let’s take this historic summit where President Donald Trump is talking to Chairman Kim Jong Un.

The right is speaking about how great he is, how he is doing things that no other sitting president has done, and he’s making America great again.

Meanwhile the left is saying things like, “Here you have to idiots meeting, the world is going to end.” Or another one who says, “he just wants the nobel peace prize.”

However, when Obama stated that he was willing to talk to the leaders of North Korea, the right vilified him and said he was looking for ways to destroy America.

The left on the other hand praised him for being a great diplomat.

The same shit, flipped, and they immediately switch views and sides. Hypocrisy. Stupid, obvious, pathetic hypocrisy.

I mean, how could you not find great humor in this level of stupidity? It’s the same damn thing, but depending on which horse you back, your views will adapt and change.

Both extremes lack the ability to be objective. I lean left, there is no secret there, but I’m a gun owner which is a right leaning thing. I believe in being objective.

How about we look at the issues objectively and derive educated viewpoints based on the issues rather than political lines? Today I was called a Trump supporter because I gave him credit for talking to North Korea. Yesterday I was called a brain dead liberal for saying Trump didn’t serve in our military.

It’s all comical to me, and it should be to you too. My leanings are definitely left, and I often call Trump out. But if he does something right, I’ll tip my hat. I don’t care what his reasons are, if he creates peace with North Korea, that could improve conditions for the world, and possibly even for his own people. If his motivation is a Nobel peace prize, but he actually makes this happen, that’s a good thing. I don’t hate Trump enough where I’d want him to fail at this.

Please note the date on a post, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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