The Marriage Dance

Marriage is a very complex dance. I’m married twice, and I am four years into the second one. Though I have grown as a person, and I have learned how to handle the complexities of sharing every waking moment with another human being, I am far from being an expert.

For instance, my wife is upset about something now. I asked her what was wrong, I believe that communication is the only way of working things out. Yet, she is giving me the cold shoulder. No answers, no hints, nothing. I’m a very patient man, and I try different methods of getting her to talk and so on. Yet, nothing has worked thus far.

So I’ve just accepted that she is upset, won’t tell me until she’s good and ready, and will eventually come around sooner than later. As long as she refuses to tell me what is wrong, there isn’t much that I can do to solve it, is there?

Like I said, the dance of marriage is a very complex one.

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