The red sweater

We were sitting on a bench at the mall. She was wearing a red sweater, I’ve never forgotten that red sweater. We held each other as the tears streamed down both our faces. We were saying goodbye for the last time.

It was the right thing to do, our relationship could not be. We had to stop seeing each other. I loved her so much, I ached terribly knowing that this was goodbye. Goodbye to all those wonderful months that we shared together. Goodbye to those amazing, peaceful walks on the beach. Farewell to that time we got caught up in the rain and ran full speed towards the bed and breakfast. Farewell to the beautiful lake and ducks that we saw the next day. Goodbye to the countless dinners we shared together.

So long to my 22nd birthday, and how we made love for the very first time on that day in Atlantic city. Adios to the terrible mess that we left on the blankets as she wished me a happy birthday, over and over as I thrust deep into her. Ha-Ha-p-py  Bi-r-th-day. Ha-Ha-p-p-py Bi-rth-day. Over and over! It didn’t phase me that it was that time of the month, I didn’t give a damn. I loved this woman totally and completely. Damn, I really loved making passionate love to her, it felt so good being inside of her.

But there we were, saying goodbye for the last time.

This end result was both of our faults. We both knew what we were getting into when we started this love affair. Yes, we both knew, but when a love as intense as ours comes along, good luck denying it! We had no choice but to go with it! Nature has a way of taking its course, and boy did it ever take its course! I was deeply, and passionately in love with her, as she was with me.

Our time together was intense, passionate, and so very powerful.

Sadly and thankfully I cannot remember how she walked away that day. I recall I remained behind on the bench, sobbing, crying, ignoring the calls from the office asking where I was. She was gone.

Our break up lasted awhile, but it was only a matter of time before we were back in one another’s arms making passionate love. We were sinning in our forbidden love affair again. Perhaps it was best to just let it be back then, but as I said, good luck fighting a love like this.

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