They say “F the police”, when it’s convenient though.

Yesterday when I wrote a piece about Army Master Sergeant C. J. Grisham, a U.S soldier and how Temple, Texas police illegally detained him and took his legal weapons from him, many people came on the attack. They were conveniently siding with police. All of a sudden they were magically saying things like “You have to obey the police. He was being disrespectful and talking too much”. Meanwhile anyone that saw this video knows that this man was calm and speaking only about his rights and how they were being violated. He did not resist and he did not attack the police.

Look at some of those same people here in NYC as they react to the police arresting a man that was accused of robbery and a hate crime. “Stop, leave him alone. He didn’t do anything”. In this alternate scenario they are now conveniently positioned against the police. You get the usual “F the police attitude”, they put their hands on the officers, and even attempt to interfere with the cops making the arrest. One woman continued to provoke the cops until they decided to arrest the fool. Are you crazy to put your hands on a cop? Spectators then say “She is a woman bro, that’s a female”, yeah, where were you when that woman was provoking and interfering with the officers? That’s seven years in prison right there if they decide to push it.

So yeah, all the police hate comes forth in all its glory. The true colors show, you know because this is a different situation, right? This is happening to a black guy and a black woman and involves actual crimes. As opposed to the Texas scenario which involved a white man and his 2nd amendment rights being violated with no crime being committed by him. That makes perfect sense to me. NOT!

Supporting the police applies to some people only when it benefits their causes, but when it does not benefit them the same rules do not apply. Just like the mass media, quite a bit of the populous is full of hypocrites when it comes to matters like this. I am thankful that the situation in the video did not escalate beyond what it did.

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez


  1. Angel Rodriguez

    04-19-2013 at 2:41 am

    By the way, why can’t these cops get the cuffs on this fool? One jujitsu arm lock and it’s a wrap.

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