My thoughts on the day after Cinco de Mayo

Let me attempt to put this succinctly as possible. Most Americans don’t have a problem with anyone celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Sure there are some that will have a problem with it because they are genuinely hateful, but I like to believe that most of us are not.

The issue that we’ve all been hearing about is not because we hate Mexicans, or we don’t want anyone to celebrate the holiday. The issue is that we are being told that we cannot be American on this day. We are being told that we cannot express pride in THIS country. We are being told that we cannot display the American flag.

It is quite simple. You cannot tell someone in America that they cannot celebrate their American pride on any given day. We the people will resist. Resistance will come in any number of ways, such as bikers waiving flags at a school to display their pride. Not to mention exercising that little thing called the first amendment. It is easy to make a kid take of their American flag shirt. However, it is not so easy to do this when it is a group of bikers is it?

This type of protest should not be necessary! It is not violent, but it is making a powerful point. How dare you! How dare you to tell an American, in America, that they cannot display an American flag. You must be out of your damn mind!

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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