To understand me, understand where I’ve been…

Some years ago there was a short period where I was a right wing supporter. I’m a very aggressive and active individual when it comes to speaking my mind so it was only natural that I’d go on the air and speak about my political views.

At the time I’d been on mainstream radio and tv shows on Hot 97, Fox 5 and other channels. I’d also contribute to several grassroots platforms such as Worldnetdaily, Clash Daily, and The Wayne Dupree Show.

At one point I was invited by Wayne Dupree to speak at a Patriot’s celebration event in Logan, West Virginia.

Initially, I was reluctant to travel over there, I didn’t think that Puerto Rican men from the Bronx belonged in a place like that. Especially after some of my experiences in the South while serving in the Air Force. I was wrong though, I did go and that weekend was amazing. Those folks treated me with a level of hospitality that I’d never experienced.

I no longer support right wing views, but I still remember this day. This is part of the reason why I try to reason with both sides of the political spectrum.

I know that most of us are just good, regular people who happen to disagree on some policies. Granted, some of those policies involve major issues, but I believe that if we can work together, we can make real change.

The problem is that many of us refuse to work with the other side. I see it everyday with every post. Just a day or so ago, I was told that I am a flip flopper who can’t even pick a side. These are just ignorant people who have no idea what it’s like to reason or compromise. I’m not like that, and if that makes me a flip flopper, then so be it.

In any case, to understand who I am, understand where I’ve been.




Growing Up Bronx

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez