Trader Joe's Canned Tuna

All tuna is not created equal.

In my bodybuilding days, canned tuna as one of the staples in my diet. It was key to my achieving that ripped look that I wanted. I ate tuna and egg whites as several of my meals for many months at a time.

I still remember the woman that I was dating at the time complaining because she said I emanated the smell of tuna and eggs from my pores.

“Dude, you smell like tuna and egg whites! You stink even after a shower!”

Well, damn girl, you want these abs or what?

“I do!”

Alright then, embrace the suck!

So I’ve been shifting towards cleaner eating, and one of  my go to items is once again canned tuna. However, this time instead of buying the cheapest Bumblebee tuna that I could find on sale, I decided to try some “healthier” high end tuna.

I have to tell you, this tuna from Trader Joe’s tastes so much better! The bitterness and fishy flavor that one is accustomed to from the cheapy tuna is non-existent on this one. Sure, it costs 3 times as much, but the difference in quality is absolutely astounding.

I can imagine that since it is still coming from a can, it probably isn’t the best for me, but I can bet that it is infinitely better than the alternative.

I highly recommend you try this product at least once and make the comparison! Let me know what you think!

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5 years ago

Trader Joe’s Canned Tuna

5 years ago
5 years ago

Yo, Trader Joe’s canned tuna is the bomb!

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