Traffic Cops abusing their tiny little authority

Yesterday a friend’s husband was driving home with their 4 year old, when she suddenly got sick, and began to spit up and cry. As any loving parent would, the father became concerned, and he quickly double parked on a residential street, very close to the building they live in, and jumped into the back to check on her.

Within two minutes a meter maid pulled up, got out of his car, and scanned the front registration sticker of his car. He then began to issue a ticket. Her husband tried to explain the situation, but the meter maid pretended to be both deaf and mute, and didn’t respond with even one word.

At that point, her husband understandably became angry, then another traffic agent got out of the car, this one did listen to what he had to say, and simply responded by saying “just dispute the ticket”.

This father got penalized for doing what any concerned parent would do in the presence of a sick child. She said they plan to fight this ticket as it is a $115 fine, and the only comment entered is “no driver” which obviously wasn’t true.

So how damn pathetic are these traffic cops? They hide waiting for something like this, then pounce like the gotdamn losers that they are. Trying to make their bullshit quota while taking advantage of a messed up situation. Those losers probably forget that they are unarmed! Fuck around and one day you gonna run into the wrong motherfucker who’ll promptly open up a can of whoop ass on your bottom feeding ass!

I respect anyone who makes an honest living, but I can’t stand someone who would take advantage of situations like this. I shouldn’t speak in general about their career path, but I’ve yet to ever come across one that wasn’t jerky.

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Angel Rodriguez

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