Train Like Your Life Depends On It.

In the past I have spoken on the training mindset that one must have to succeed. I’ve expressed more or less what my buddy Colin McGlone expressed here, but he put it in such a great way that I just had to share with you guys. If this doesn’t inspire you to train harder than ever, I don’t know what will! I kept the formatting exactly as it was originally written to keep the tone and intent true to it’s original message.

Try this.

Train with intent.
Every time you train, train as if your life and the lives of your loved ones, depends on it.
Watch your intensity reach new heights.

Visualization is key!!
If I’m training in martial arts, I’m thinking that if I don’t win, I die.
If I’m lifting weights, I’m thinking I need to be faster, stronger, and more powerful than my adversaries.
I’m imagining lifting a weight off of someone I love.
If I’m sprinting, I’m imagining people chasing me.
If I’m at the gun range, I’m not just shooting for fun…
You get the point.

I was lucky enough to have a martial arts instructor who constantly encouraged us to get to the point that training felt REAL. When you constantly can learn to give yourself forced adrenaline dumps, you will learn to call upon that at will.
Adrenaline can do crazy things to your motor skills. It can be very scary. For people who have sedentary lifestyles, you may never get adrenaline dumps unless you go on a roller coaster.
Train yourselves so that even if you’re scared crapless, you can perform.
Learn to put yourself in a frenzied warrior state.
If you have never experienced this, you are missing out on a key component of learning about your psyche.
Violence is normal. Violence is part of our nature. Learn to respect, harness, and control the violence within you.
I pray that none of you ever need to defend yourselves, or people you love.
That being said, I hope you make survival a key priority in your life.
For those of you who actually understand this post, and utilize this visualization, good for you.
I’m happy to be networked with like-minded individuals.

Please note the date on a post, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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Angel Rodriguez

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