Trash! Murrieta protester shredding American flags.

More and more standoffs are happening at Murrieta over the transporting of immigrants who have illegally crossed the border. In this video, at approximately 1:30 seconds you see the typical, idiotic, annoying, hippie. She is flapping her filthy mouth, saying the same stupid crap that they have been saying for decades.

The American flag symbolizes imperialism all over the world. Blah, blah, blah.

Okay you stupid freak, take your butt down to Nigeria, or Iran, or even cross that fence into Mexico. Go, run your filthy, ignorant mouth in any of those places and then let me know how it goes for you. You, you of all people make me the sickest. You are the absolute epitome of dumb ass. You sicken me, and I despise you.

I can’t blame the folks over there for getting into a scuffle. If I saw a person shredding the American flag, I’d probably lose my mind too. I had a few choice words for some idiots during my son’s graduation. See, they saw fit to joke and talk during the national anthem. That is a big no no. People like this idiot, are asking for trouble, and soon enough; they are going to find it.

I had to edit out, and tweak my language on this post as I didn’t want to offend our readers.

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Angel Rodriguez

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