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Okay, so I’ve been trying to find the best way to handle my meal prepping and food situation. I’ve tried cooking, eating out, and now I’ve moved on to even trying outside meal prep.

The first company I’ve tried meal prep from was Trifecta nutrition. Here are my thoughts so far.

So first and foremost, we have to understand that these meals are marketed as “eat how you train.” Their objective is to get you healthy and lean, or muscular, etc. It’s health food, so that being said, you know that some sacrifices must be made in terms of flavor profile and so on. Understand that, I do.

Here is how I will judge Trifecta and any other meal prep service that I try. I want to eat clean, yes, that’s for sure. But I’m also factoring in the cost per meal as well as taste, ease of use, likelihood of continuing, fullness, etc.

Did Trifecta satisfy me? From a feeling full perspective, yes. I ate the meals and I felt rather full. However, speaking in terms of calories, you have to remember that these meals are relatively low calories. I ate the breakfast meal, and I felt full and satisfied, so much so that I neglected to eat my next meal early enough and ended getting a headache. So take note of that as you will need to stay on top of your overall calorie consumption. Especially if you are like me and get a headache if you don’t enough, especially after training!

How was the flavor? Well, the chicken, steak, and beef patties didn’t taste bad, but they didn’t blow my mind. However, note my early disclaimer, this food is meant for health and stuff, so I’m not sure that it’s supposed to taste amazing. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad, certainly better than my cooking. But if I’m going to invest about $10 a meal, I expect a bit more in the flavor and satisfaction department.

I think the customer service from these folks is outstanding. I was able to get help online within minutes of starting a chat. I always had my questions answered and the support reps were always extremely friendly and professional. As you can see from the chat below, I got my answers and even some jokes in there. Very pleasant customer service people.

The food comes really well vacuum sealed and appears to last about 10 days or so without freezing. If you freeze it, it could last weeks even months. They send it with those little packets that keep the food cold and it was sealed pretty good. Reheating was super easy, 2 to 3 minutes and then its a matter of eating up. You can heat it right in the original container and they even said I could leave the label on there as it sticks pretty damn good.

I think this process was very simple, straightforward and overall satisfying. One of my buddies said that its better this way because I can then flavor it how I want. But I don’t want to work, I’m paying for the simplicity of it and I want to feel like I’m eating not only healthy, but something mind blowing. I’m still pretty full from last night’s meal which was pretty good. My problem is that I can make something that is “okay” myself. I want to be floored by the flavor.

Therein lies the question though, have they sacrificed some flavor in favor of health, or could it be done better? That’s the part I’m not sure of. Here’s my final thought on this, if you have the money for it, I think it’s worth trying. I think I’m gonna try a few more meals and see how I feel. However, I’m starting to realize that despite my crappy cooking, preparing my own stuff may be my best option in terms of cost. I’m just gonna have to put in some more work and learn how not to overcook my meats. But I’ll try some meals again and see how I feel.

For the rest of this week I have only the meats as I bought a bunch of them. My son and I will devour them in no time.


For the time being I’ve decided to stick with Trifecta. I was flirting with a few other services, simply to try them, but I’m happy with these guys. Also, I came across this statement which really reinforces my prior statements about the flavoring points I made:

All a la carte proteins come in 4oz portions in the container size you order. Everything is lightly seasoned with no added oils or butters, so you can add your own seasoning/sauces. All proteins and vegetables are baked while the carbs are steamed.

It is clean food, and if you want extra flavor, they give you the option to add rather than put it in by default. This makes a lot of sense to me and as such I’ve decided to go for another round. I put in my order today for next week. If necessary, I’ll provide further updates. Again, I must reiterate that their customer service is second to none. Whoever runs that aspect of the business has done a great job with the team.

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