Trump Doesn't Scare Me

What do I mean? Well, I think Trump is full of crap. Frankly, that guy is selling Conservatives a load of horse crap, and they are eating it up. Well, some are, not all of them are buying into his brand of horse poop.

Many Conservatives are what they call, “Never Trumpers.” You gotta love all of the ridiculous terms that have arisen during this election cycle. Interestingly though, many Cruz supporters refuse to cross over to Trump, even though Cruz himself caved in and endorsed him. Maybe he wants that seat in the Supreme Court? Gotta love politics.

This is not only happening within the GOP though, both parties are split. I voted for Bernie via proxy because I wasn’t allowed to vote in the NYC closed primary. The same thing is happening on the Democratic side, many Bernie supporters refuse to jump on board with Hillary, even though he himself climb into bed with her. I know what she’s about, and I can’t stand her. However, dammit, the lesser of two evils. The devil you know. Etc.

People in both parties are saying the same thing, “We can’t let the other side win. Even though we don’t like Clinton/Trump we have no choice!” I can’t stand either party, I’m an independent, but I have to pick, right?

Anyway, back to the point I’m trying to make.

Trump is full of the doodoo. He ain’t gonna do a damn thing that he says. That wall? Seriously? You think this man is going to build a wall? A wall that is so so great? Really? Give me a freaking break! You think he’s going to deport 15 million people? Extreme vetting? Ban Muslims? Any of you who believe this load of horse crap are fools. He ain’t going to do a damn thing! Trump doesn’t scare me, not in so far as his political statements.

You know what actually scares me? Empowering the extreme arm of his supporters, that’s what worries me about a Trump presidency! Trump himself, nah, that guy ain’t gonna do a damn thing. However, empowering the racists, that’s a problem.

If Trump wins, the racists will feel even empowered. They will “Make America Great Again” by attacking immigrants, and Lord knows what else. Trump isn’t the problem, he’s a useful idiot who’s going along with his own b.s. The problem are the people who actually would try to enact all the madness he’s talking about. That idiot doesn’t even believe himself.

That’s what scares me about a Trump presidency. And that’s why I am voting for Hillary Clinton, the devil that I know, more of the same, etc, etc.

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