Trump Painful Speech During Charity Dinner

Last time I watched the Alfred E. Smith charity dinner with President Obama and Mitt Romney, they poked fun at each other, but it was all lighthearted and somewhat funny. You felt entertained, and kind of good to see them having fun and lightening up during the campaign trail.

This year, during Trump’s speech, it was rather painful to watch. I don’t know, is it me, or is everything that this guy does just too much and over the top? At one point during the speech he said, “I know we are all laughing and having a good time here.” Uhm, no! Why do you think this was met with complete and total silence? No, Donald, no one was laughing, you are brutal man, and it’s just not funny.


Don’t get me wrong, Hillary wasn’t very funny either, but Trump was just over the top. Mostly everyone went silent during the second half of his joke session. He started off okay, actually being somewhat funny, and entertaining, and then he went full jerk mode! What follows is a visual illustration of how Trump’s performance went through the speech:


It was just bad, and most of the people there, and the viewers agreed! Your jokes were in bad taste man, you are not a funny hombre! Hillary didn’t do as badly, but if you ask this guy, she did terrible! I don’t think that Giuliani appreciated Hillary┬ápoking any fun at him. He didn’t ever crack a smile, at least as far as I could tell. Bro, it’s not that serious, take a chill pill.



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