Trump Protester Pepper Sprayed

Alex Drake claims that an old man touched her at a Trump rally, and that is why she punched him. Someone then doused her in pepper spray as retaliation. Note that the old man wasn’t the one who hit her with the dose, it was someone else.

I don’t care for, or support Trump. But I am not tolerant of violence, neither from the left, or the right. We’ve seen jerks from Trump’s regime assault people, and thankfully at least one of them was arrested. And though I am uncertain of whether or not it was warranted, in this video we see violence from and in response to the anti Trump protester.

It sounds to me like she admitted that she got what she deserved. But as always, I’m not sure what to believe here, context is always a factor.

I’ll repeat, for those of you who may be reading impaired, I do not support Donald Trump. And I do not agree with a lot of the commentary associated with this original video or post. My opinion and view is my own, and not in league with others on that post.

Take notice how the left is already pushing their version of the events, which is that of a 15 year old baby girl being sexually assaulted, and then pepper sprayed while being called a n*gger loving communist.

Meanwhile, the right is pushing their own version as well which states that this grown woman attacked this defenseless, poor, little old man for no reason at all, and that she got exactly what she deserved. They also add that she even admitted getting what she deserves in the video.

So who’s telling the truth?



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