Trump Threatens GM But Assigns CEO Mary Barra To Jobs Creation Panel

Donald Trump talks big on jobs, he is a straight shooter, and grabs the bull by the horns. Oh yeah, Trump is gonna Make America Great Again, and bring jobs back! But in the meantime, he’s gonna go ahead and appoint a CEO who sent jobs to Mexico, to a panel which will advise him on jobs and the economy.

Can you believe the load of horse crap that this guy is spewing? I mean, how stupid does he think we are? How stupid are those of you actually buying this?

This guy put out a tweet that says he will hit GM with a huge border tax for making cars in Mexico, yet, he appoints the GM CEO to a JOBS CREATION ADVISORY PANEL. Are you kidding me? Are you freaking kidding me?

I have seen several conservatives tweet this out today, with some captions of how tough Trump is on jobs. People, he appointed the CEO of that company (which sent the jobs to Mexico) to a panel on jobs creation.

How stupid are we? Oh, by the way, she was also a potential running mate for Hillary Clinton, allegedly, but you know, just saying.



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