Two Men Who Filmed Police Have Been Arrested

The first is Ramsey Orta, the man who filmed the killing of Eric Garner. This man is being sent to jail for four years last I read. He was brought up on some gun and drug charges, and is taking a plea deal that will likely have him serving 4 years upstate. He’s afraid for his safety as he said that someone put rat poison in his food.

This one is tricky, because his record indicates that he had a lot of issues over his life. So it is hard to argue with 100% certainty that he was setup. Maybe he wasn’t. Although, I can’t help but wonder if he’s being targeted in retaliation for filming Eric Garner’s death? It certainly seems like it.

The other one smells way more fishy. Chris Leday doesn’t appear to have a criminal record, and was detained by MPs when arriving to work at a military installation. Allegedly he was being detained due to an assault and battery charge. However, when the cops showed up, and took him, it turns out that it was actually over some unpaid tickets.

Granted, he didn’t pay the tickets, but to have MPs detain you, then keep you locked up for over a day? That sounds to me like someone has it out for this dude. Retaliation for sharing the Alton Sterling shooting?

We are lucky to have social media today. Can you imagine how often, and easily people were probably set up in the old days? The time when we couldn’t get the word out, or get help? If it’s happening this blatantly today, imagine back then?

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