Are underage sex clubs real?

Humanity can be pretty messed up, so the short answer has to be yes. Mind you I’m not writing this based on any concrete facts, just documentaries I have watched on the sex trade and most recently and episode of the cop show “The Shield”.

The episode covered tracking and shutting down a “cherry popping” ring where underaged girls from others countries like Korea were being tricked and “filmed” for a movie career. Of course the films they were making was child porn, but they believed that in this country this was there start. “Mackie”, my favorite new tv cop forced his way in with a regular, observed what happen in there, then using his untraditional traditional methods he took them all down!

I know it’s television, but these shows get  many of their ideas from real world situations. This got me to thinking so I decided to watch a documentary on netflix about human trafficking.  It’s all very real ladies and gentlemen, very real and very, very disturbing.

There are some utterly sick people out there. People that trade kidnapped young children for sex like trading cards, providing IOU’s if the kid is too old or too young, keeping kids locked in closets, I mean it is sick, sick, sick. What’s more sick is that the perpetrators are regular people, doctors, lawyers, family men, participating in this sick trade.

In my opinion, these people, when caught, should be destroyed. Plain and simple. I have no forgiveness in my heart for a person that would commit such a heinous crime. None at all. I simply want them gone. Period.

I know some people that claim that these people are sick, mentally sick, that this is not their fault. They claim that they can be rehabilitated. Well, look, would you leave one of this sickos with your child? I’m sorry, my view in this is very firm and I don’t think I will ever budge. If you violate a child, I don’t care how mentally sick you are, YOU SHOULD BE DESTROYED.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth.

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