Unfriend Trump Supporters?

I’m sharing this image not because I support it, but because I think it is extremely stupid. There is some tool out there that tells you who “Likes” the Donald Trump Facebook page, and then gives you the option to unfriend them.

I see many glaring errors in this logic. For instance, some people like his page, not because they support him, but to keep up with what he says, and track his stupidity. You ever heard the saying┬ákeep your friends close, but your enemies closer? If people were not watching his moves, then we’d never know about the things he’s said, or the things he wants to do.

Furthermore, just because someone supports Donald Trump politically doesn’t mean they are not fit to be your friends. I don’t like Donald Trump at all, let’s be clear on that. However, I won’t cut off a friend or family member simply for liking him on a political level. That’s just plain old dumb. If you cut everyone off because they don’t agree with you on everything in life, you would be one very lonely individual.

I am a firm believer in freedom of speech, and the freedom of association. So of course you totally have the option to do this, I’m just saying that I don’t agree with it. Personally, I believe that this mindset is exactly what Trump wants from us. He is trying to divide and conquer “We the people,” and you folks are just playing right into his game.

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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  1. Would be a good idea to unfriend them. Some of them pose a real threat because of the racist tendencies. On the other hand you could feel sorry for most of them and you could try to convince them not to vote for adolf trump.

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